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Content on the NOAA Education Resources Website is updated and appended on an ongoing basis. If you would like to be informed when resources or new functions have been added please consider subscribing to one of our notification systems listed below. Postings to these information services will be low volume with an estimated 2 or 3 updates per month. The same information will be posted to each service.


The NOAA Education Website RSS feed (Press this link to subscribe)

RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication. It's an easy way for you to keep up with news and information that's important to you, and helps you avoid the conventional methods of browsing or searching for information on websites. Now the content you want can be delivered directly to you without cluttering your inbox with e-mail messages. This content is called a "feed."

To get updated information via an RSS feed, you "subscribe" to the feed. This is another way of saying that you list the feed in an RSS reader (readers are built into many of the newer Web browsers and email programs) and the reader checks for updates to the feed. There is no charge for you to subscribe to the feed.

RSS is written in the Internet coding language known as XML (eXtensible Markup Language). You see RSS buttons commonly labeled with this icon: RSS logo

To subscribe to the feed in Internet Explorer, press the subscribe button after linking to the feed from here. This will automatically add the RSS feed to your favorites feed which you can open by pressing the "Favorites" button in the browser. Press on the Feeds tab and you should see the Office of Education News feed. For more information see

To Subscribe in Firefox, press, the "Subscribe Now" button and it will be added to your "Live Bookmarks". To view the feed, press the "Bookmarks" dropdown menu, select the "Bookmarks Toolbar" and you will see the NOAA Education Resources Website News feed in the dropdown. For more information, please see

The RSS feed is located here.



If you prefer to receive email updates when materials have been added to the NOAA Education Resources Website, please subscribe to our listserv by emailing and writing "SUBSCRIBE" as your subject. To unsubscribe send an email to the same address with "UNSUBSCRIBE" in the subject line.