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Cartoonist Jack Elrod

In the spring of 1995, Jack H. Elrod, Jr., writer and illustrator of the cartoon MARK TRAIL*, developed two Sunday comic strips that featured NOAA Weather Radio. Over the next 15 years, Mr. Elrod produced more than 75 Sunday features and five daily story lines around NOAA sciences and its programs. NOAA’s Office of Education is pleased to present this MARK TRAIL comic strip collection for your entertainment and education. Pick up valuable safety tips, learn about the environment, and discover how to help protect endangered species from MARK TRAIL as he explores the world around us.

King Features Syndicate granted permission for the use of the MARK TRAIL character as the official spokesperson for NOAA Weather Radio. The MARK TRAIL Awards were created and developed by NOAA staff to acknowledge contributions to the NOAA Weather Radio program for noteworthy gifts, community actions, and responses to a NOAA Weather Radio warning that exemplified its lifesaving benefits.

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* Mark Trail is syndicated by King Features and published in approximately 175 newspapers nation wide. The NOAA/Mark Trail connection is a partnership that has brought Jack Elrod, King Features, and NOAA together to promote weather safety for the American public.

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