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Science Olympiad is a national STEM competition dedicated to improving the quality of K-12 science education, increasing interest and engagement in science, and providing recognition for outstanding achievement by students and teachers. Science Olympiad tournaments involve students at multiple levels and emphasize teamwork, problem solving, and hands-on learning practices. For more information about Science Olympiad, visit

NOAA sponsors the Meteorology event for Science Olympiad's Division B (grades 6-9), which emphasizes current topics in weather and climate sciences. In addition, NOAA is committed to providing scientific data, education materials, and other content resources for other Science Olympiad events focused on earth system science. The resources included in this collection are intended to support coaches and students preparing for the 2014 Meteorology event and other 2014 Science Olympiad events.

Meteorology: Every Day Weather (Division B)

Climate Collection (NOAA Education)

Education Resources focused on understanding climatic processes and the resulting impacts of a changing climate.


Weather and Atmosphere Collection (NOAA Education)

Education Resources focused on the state of the atmosphere at a given point in time and geographic location.

Climate Vs Weather

Climate vs. weather: (NOAA Education)

Resource that provides an overview of the difference between weather and climate.

NOAA JetStream


Climate categories based upon general temperature profile related to latitude.

NWS JetStream Thunderstorms

How the Climate System Works

Information on how the climate system works.

How NOAA Monitors the Climate

How NOAA Monitors the Climate

NOAA’s climate monitoring activities.

Climate change and Global Warming

Climate Change and Global Warming

Understanding the difference between climate change and global warming.

The atmosphere

The Atmosphere

Composition of the atmosphere.

Earth-Atmosphere Energy Balance

The Earth-Atmosphere Energy Balance:

How the Earth balances incoming energy from the Sun and outgoing energy from the Earth.

Climate Zoines

Climate Zones

Interactive to help understand the different climate zones.

Atmospheric Rivers

The Ocean's Role in Weather and Climate

The role the ocean plays in in regulating the weather and climate of the planet.

Atmospheric Rivers

Heat Capacity of Water

The ocean heat content and the role it plays in climate.

Atmospheric Rivers

Climate Forcing

Provides data about factors that could potentially affect climate.

Atmospheric Rivers

Anthropogenic Changes

Human impacts on climate.

Atmospheric Rivers

Greenhouse Gases

A description of greenhouse gasses.

Atmospheric Rivers

Climate Change and Variability

Key findings on global climate change.

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Dynamic Planet: Oceanography (Division B/C)

Atmospheric Rivers

Oceans and Coast

Education Resources focused on exploring the physical and chemical properties of the ocean and its adjacent ecosystems.

Atmospheric Rivers

What does an oceanographer do?

A description of the many disciplines within oceanography.

Atmospheric Rivers

Sea Water

Description and properties of sea water.

Atmospheric Rivers

Why is the ocean salty?

A description of where the salt in the ocean comes from.

Atmospheric Rivers

Can the ocean freeze?

Description of what happens to sea water at low temperatures.

Atmospheric Rivers

Layers of the Ocean

Descriptions of each of the ocean layers.

Atmospheric Rivers

Plate Tectonics

Lessons/activities on plate tectonics.

Atmospheric Rivers

Plates of the Earth

Map of the tectonic plates.

Atmospheric Rivers

How Do Coral Reefs Form?

Description of how coral reefs form and descriptions of the different types of coral reefs.

Atmospheric Rivers

What are the three main types of coral reefs?

Descriptions of the three main types of coral reefs: fringing, barrier, and atolls.

Atmospheric Rivers

Currents (and waves)

Descriptions of waves and currents.

Atmospheric Rivers


A description of what drives oceanic currents.

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