February 9, 1996 Marked the 125th Anniversary of the National Marine Fisheries Service.

Throughout the long history, the scientists of this Federal agency have made many important contributions to our understanding of the fisheries and marine mammal sciences. While the agency has often been obscured by its numerous name changes and Federal Government reorganizations, the contributions of the National Marine Fisheries Service and its parent agencies have continually been at the forefront of the fisheries science worldwide.

Acknowledgements to the people who originally created the Activities Book:

Special Thanks to: NMFS employees, Katherine Zecca (design, layout) Wendy Carlson, James Lee, Lisa Hiruki, Ann Matarese, Barbara Comstock, Jim Ingraham, Kathy Mier, Morgan Busby Additional Thanks to: Joel Duker, Gretchen Duker, and Alaska Sea Grant Randy Cross, Gloria Myers, and Gary Duker (coordinators)

You can download a complete copy of the Activities Book in PDF format at AFSC Size: approx. 3.5 MB

This book was prepared for the web by Edgar Kleindinst, NEFSC