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    Specially for Kids - These items are designed especially for children (grades K-5) and provide fun activities for kids to explore the planet they live on.

    Watch Out...Storms Ahead - Owlie Skywarn's Weather Book. This new version of the favorite Owlie Skywarn book is in a very large pdf file. To find the full coloring book, click here. To find the separate chapters on Hurricanes, Tornadoes, Lightning, Floods and Winter Storms, click the chapter name you want. The book also contains Weather Quizzes for kids.

    Tornado Animation

    Play Time for Kids - This web site has been designed to help kids learn hurricanes, winter storms, thunderstorms, and other hazardous weather. If you check out the category called "Other Fun Stuff" you can find interesting activities.

    Billy and Maria - Coloring Books for Kids - Weather - These coloring books help kids learn more about weather safety during tornadoes, winter weather and thunderstorms.


    Specially for Students - These items are designed especially for students (grades 6-12) to provide a way of learning about the earth in a fun and informative way.

    Spuzzled for Kids - This site takes NOAA images and offers students the chance to put those images into the correct order while also learning more about the environmental work of the Agency. There is a weather puzzle at this site in three levels of difficulty.

    SciJinks Weather Laboratory This exciting website is a joint NOAA/NASA site that helps students learn more about the weather while having fun.

    Flash Riprock and the Bolt from the Blue This is a lightning safety poster in pdf format that can be downloaded. It also lists lightning myths that need to be dispelled.

    VORTEX: Unraveling the Secrets - A Storybook This project, Verification of the Origins of Rotation in Tornadoes Experiment, helps teachers and students understand facts about tornadoes and shows how the scientific method of making observations, collecting data, and developing and testing hypotheses to reach an informed conclusion is used.

    Weather Lessons - This web page provides a basic introduction to map analysis and interpretation.

    Severe Weather Primer - Provides a basic introduction to thunderstorms, tornadoes, floods, hail, lightning, winter weather, and damaging winds.

    Where & When Does Severe Weather Occur? - Answers from NOAA's National Severe Storms Laboratory.

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